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The idea of forming an Archives Group was developed in 2004 by Councillor Bob Clark, following receipt of a donation of a large collection of photographs and old copies of the Padiham Advertiser from a Padiham resident named Alan Dodgeon.

The first exhibition of this collection, together with sporting memorabilia, was held at Padiham Football Club and was attended by around 150 people.  It became clear that there was a need to continue with this venture after such a great display of public interest.

Following this the Town Council decided to form an Archives Group hoping to establish a collection of Padiham memorabilia within the Town Hall.  After a great deal of effort and negotiation, an Archives Room has now been secured within the building for the storage and cataloguing of the vast amounts of items donated and loaned by members of the public over the past few years.

archive room

As the collection grew, it was decided to hold an Annual Exhibition in the Town Hall Ballroom, following the National Heritage Week celebrations.  From 2005 onwards, the number of visitors to these exhibitions has grown steadily, with over 600 people attending in September 2008.

Copying and scanning equipment, filing systems and display cabinets have now been put in place.

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The antique Padiham water clock, currently housed in the room, is in the process of being refurbished and a varied collection of Padiham memorabilia is on display – a small museum has been created!

In the near future, the Archives Room will be open, by appointment, to the public and various community groups.  An annual fundraising event is to be held in June in the Ballroom and the popular annual Archives Exhibition is scheduled for the weekend of 19th/20th September 2009.

The Archives Group would like to thank everyone who has donated items of interest, provided financial assistance and most of all, precious time to a valuable asset to the town by recalling memories for the older generation and providing an educational resource for the young.

Archives Group members: Councillor Bob Clark

            Councillor Jean Cunningham

            Councillor Chris Smith

            Ann Clark (Honorary Archivist)

For further information contact Ann Clark on 01282 771694


The official opening of the Archive Room 25th April 2009

Archive room opening 25th April 2009

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